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Verslag van de achtste editie van The Financial Agenda over het succesvol vermarkten van innovatie

Economy Stories – Future market healthcare

"If there is a truly global industry, then healthcare and pharmaceuticals most definitely form part of it. Everything happens on a global scale. There is not a single player left who thinks solely within national boundaries." That's what Hendrik Liebers says. Hendrik is CFO of Probiodrug, a company that specialises in Alzheimer's research. He believes that the challenge for his industry lies in better connecting the available data. For Dr. Stephan, Chief Investment Officer for Deutsche Bank's private and business clients, healthcare is a growth market with potential – despite high costs.

Economy Stories – The post industrial revolution

Journalist Martin Walker is already talking about the “post industrial revolution” which, thanks to nanotechnology, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence, will completely change our consumption patterns. René Gurka dreams of a future in which we will simply 3D print any spare part instead of having to keep stocks in large warehouses. In this video we look at the challenges this “revolution” will bring and what is already possible.

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Last Update: 29.11.2016
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